Viscotroll is the ideal product for delivering oil from a drum anywhere in the workshop. As it is powered by electricity it can be connected to any power socket thus eliminating the need for compressed air. The group comes equipped with a self-priming gear pump and there is also a version with a pressure switch which ensures constant silent delivery and a regular no-pulse flow. Opening and closing the delivery nozzle, on the pressure switch model, automatically causes motor ignition and shutdown. The nozzle is installed with a flow meter and display to guarantee precise delivery operations, giving total control over the fluid used.

-Flow rate 9-25 l/min (2,4 to 6,6 gal/min).
-Operating pressure 6-12 bar (85 to 170 psi).
-Noise levels less than 65 dB.
-Oil viscosity from 10 to 2000 “cSt”.
-Automatic ignition and shutdown with pressure switch.
-K400 meter with accuracy +/- 0.5% or K33 meter with accuracy +/- 1%.

Price - 479,28 LVL (VAT included)

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