Viscotroll DC is the ideal solution for dispensing oil any time, anywhere, without using compressed air or power mains. The unit includes a self-priming gear pump with a 12-VDC electric motor. The built-in pressure switch allows the pump to be automatically started and stopped. A nozzle meter monitors any dispensed quantity. The unit has a built-in battery charger. Battery must be recharged after transferring 2/3 oil drums. A unique solution to an ever-increasing demand from automotive transport workshops and for maintenance.

-Flow rate up to 6 l/min
-Noise levels less than 65 dB
-Motor supply 12 Vdc
-Oil viscosity from up to 2000 cSt
-On demand dispensing with pressure switch
-Flow meter with a meter precision of +/- 0.5 %

Price - 916,80 LVL (VAT included)

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