Fuel transfer pump unit

Quite often the hard environmental conditions can potentially threaten the re-fuelling operation o OTR equipment and vehicles. PIUSIBOX project is the answer to the need of re-fuelling quickly and safety in almost place.

PIUSIBOX: An important support for the reliability and long last life of your equipments.

All the tools required for transferring fuel, hoses included, are contained in this strong, compact and easy to transport handy box. The container’s main purpose is to keep clean the parts that come in contact with the diesel. A good example is the suction hose may gather dust, if not adequately protected. Sand and dirt could contaminate the fuel when used the time after. The horizontal-split container makes PIUSIBOX an eco-friendly drip-catcher. The regular, smoothly joined surfaces make periodic cleaning an easy task.
Based on 30 years of experience and Piusi know-how and protected by international patents, PIUSIBOX is the modern, practical and ecological solution for refueling agricultural machinery, worksite equipment and road-building machines – Wherever diesel refuelling must be done quickly and safely.
PIUSI BOX is available in 12 V and 24 V versions.

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