Oil pumps


VISCOMAT pumps have been designed as modern, effective solutions for the various requirements of pumping oils and lubricants. Thanks to the several available models Viscomat satisfies the need to: 
• transfer quantities of product at medium pressure between tanks;
• guarantee good flow rates at high pressure in applications in which the pump must supply the reeling drums of fixed, "in-line" oil distribution systems on fixed pumping systems.
(viscosity up to 500cSt)
VISCOMAT Gear (viscosity up to 2000cSt) 
VISCOMAT DC (viscosity up to 2000cSt) a new and complete range of pumps for transferring and delivering oil, operated by direct current motors. PIUSI products respond perfectly to market demand. The pumps are especially designed for transferring oil from drums, or mobile tanks, in situations where electricity or pneumatic connections are not available. Thanks to their compactness and easy installation these pumps can be used for equipping mobile oil pumps on vehicles or used independently with battery equipped trolleys.
VISCO-FLOMAT the new range of VISCOMAT pumps with pressure switch is designed to satisfy requirements for deliveries with a constant flow self-priming pump with automatic switch-off at the end of delivery. The unit consists of an internal profile gear pump with alternating current motor, integrated with a pressure switch. Switch-on of the motor and delivery are performed automatically when the nozzle opens. At the end of delivery the pump continues to operate for a few seconds in order to permit topping up if necessary and then switches off. The performance of the gear pump guarantees good flow rates with high pressures, no pulsing, regular flow and silent operation. The pressure switch activates the pump when a minimum pressure is reached and switches the pump off when a maximum pressure is reached, below the pump by-pass pressure. The pressure switch is also provided with a safety valve which limits the maximum system pressure to 10 bars. The above unit combines the typical characteristics of gear pumps with the simplicity and convenience of being able to activate the pump without worrying about motor switch-on and switch-off. It can be used both for feeding single delivery points, also with reels, and on fixed distribution systems.

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