Antifreeze G11 Ühendage meiega

-70/-36 °C


For use in all cooling systems of cars, trucks, buses, as well as special vehicles. Suitable also for all forms of modern fuel and diesel engines, as well as engines with aluminium engine blocks. Protects car engines and cooling systems from freezing and overheating. It is pure and protects the cooling system.

A tip

Vehicles cannot live without cooling liquid like without fuel, but the only difference is that it is needed more rarely. Few of us, car users, remember when we have changed it for the last time. In those rare occasions when you face the need to change or replenish the cooling liquid, you need to remember not to mix the liquids (red with green, green with yellow, etc.). The manufacturers colour them on purpose so that the users do not unintentionally mix incompatible components added to the basic component - ethylene glycol (antifreeze).  

Accessible packages:

  • 1000 un 650 litres IBC type containers
  • 210 litres plastic barrels
  • 20 un 10 litres in cans
  • As well as for filling in a tank-car or the client’s package corresponding to the quality requirements.

Quality indicators:

  • Appearance: green transparent liquid
  • Density at 20°C, g/cm3: 1,069-1,072
  • Temperature at the beginning of crystallization for the concentrate °С: - 70 ± 1
  • Temperature of the concentrate ready for use °С: - 37 ± 1
  • pH pie 20°С:7,5 – 10,5

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