1200L till 9000L liigutav AdBlue tanklad Ühendage meiega

AdBlue stations

Now, everyone has an opportunity to purchase safe, reliable, easy to use AdBlue® storage cistern for a very reasonable price from LVL 1500.00. The set includes all equipment necessary for its operation.  

Our aim was to create practical, user-friendly, safe AdBlue® fuel station for a low price. We did it! BlueMaster Light is exactly what we wanted!

Advantages of BlueMaster Light

1. Does not require a specific site,

2. It is easily transportable when empty,

3. Occupies little space and is compact,

4. Corresponds to all environmental requirements,

5. Made of plastic,

6. Easy to maintain,

7. Accessible price,

8. Fully ready for work.

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