AdBlue testing Ühendage meiega

Equipment for testing AdBlue quality

AdBlue is the brand name of a 32.5% aqueous urea dilution. Truck engines with SCR catalytic technology use AdBlue to reduce the NOx-content in the exhaust gas stream. This reduction is necessary to reach the demanding limits for exhaust gases. The exact composition of AdBlue is defined in ISO22241.

Oil testing

AdBlue is filled into a separate tank. Fuel in the AdBlue tank will permanently damage or destroy the SCR system, causing high cost of repairs.

Test procedure
The oil test paper is moved back and forth in the tank 3-5 times. A dark discoloration of the test paper indicates the presence of fuel.

Fuel does not mix with AdBlue. It forms small droplets or a thin layer on the surface of AdBlue. To give a positive reaction the test paper must come in contact with fuel in the tank.

Move test paper back and forth 3-5 times

Remove the test paper. A dark coloration indicates the presence of of fuel Different concentrations of fuel
Left: pure AdBlue
Right: pure fuel
Detection limit: 50 mg/l fuel in AdBlue give a weak positive reaction
100 mg/l fuel in AdBlue result in a clearly visible color reaction 
Color reaction: Pale blue to dark blue
Limit of sensitivity: Petroleum ether - 250 mg/l
Gasoline - 10 mg/l
Fuel oil - 5 mg/l
Lubricating oil - 1 mg/l
Product name: AdBlue oil test
Type: Testing paper
Package: 100 test papers 20x70 mm
Price: 36 EUR  with VAT per package with 100 tests
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