9000 liters

diesel storage and distribution system

Double-wall diesel storage tank with the equipment for filling for internal use. Fully equipped and ready to use.

Technical parameters
Capacity (max.)  9000 litri
Lenght  3250 mm
Width  2450 mm
Hight  2950 mm
Inner and outer tank wall thickness  20 ±3 mm 
Weight  490 kg
Standart Equipment
230V pump with max. flow rate 56 l/min.
Analogue flow meter with precisity ±1%
6m x 3/4" long hose with hose holder
Automatic nozzle with nozzle holder
Ventilation of tank
2" fuel fill in with cap
Automāatic overfill protection
Level and leak sensor (working in distance till 1000m)
Optional Equipment
Flowmeter K600 (on pump) with accurency ±0,5%
Users ID system with PIN codes,
<120 users (with out connection to computer)
Users ID optional -
software, data cabel, 10 user and one manager magnetic keys


  • Cost reduction gained from the fuel purchases in wholesales, because you will get a lower price;
  • Diesel always at hand;
  • Condensate does not develop inside the reservoir;
  • The condition of fuel does not get worse, because rust sediment does not develop;
  • Corresponds to the environmental, fire protection and fuel storage requirements.

Security – strong and durable construction prevents leaks and the consequent environmental pollution. It protects from unauthorised access to the fuel and thefts, as well as from unfavourable weather conditions and UV radiation. The automatic shut-off valve protects from the overflow from the tank during the filling. Made of high-quality polyethylene, it is corrosion resistant and resistant to mechanical damage.

Convenience – well planned and sophisticated design guarantees long term use involving minimal additional expenses. The user identification system available as extra feature helps to control the fuel consumption, its users, as well as many other useful attributes.

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