CrossChem develops it’s own network of stations to help our clients re-fill with ease on all main road directions. Our customers are insured by the best AdBlue® price that is more then two times better compared to other public station offers.

AdBlue® stations in Estonia


Trucks   Cars
Suur-Sõjamäe 25a, Tallinn 11515
(59.416159, 24.842827)
AdBlue® Trucs
Riia mnt. 233a, Pärnu 80042
(58.362452, 24.559153)
AdBlue® Trucks
Aardla 27, Tartu 50404
(58.355418, 26.712829)
AdBlue® Trucks
Tallinn-Narva mnt
Varja küla, Lüganuse vald, Ida-Virumaa
(59.407033, 27.107830)
AdBlue® Trucks

It is easy to become a customer

  1. Read Terms and Conditions (in Estonian);
  2. Download and fill in Application;
  3. Sign it and e-mail to

We will create your account and send you plastic cards to use at our stations.

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