Antifreeze Longlife G13

-52°C /-35 °C



Ethylene glycol-based engine cooling fluid consisting of organic acid salts and corrosion inhibitor without nitrites, amines and phosphates.


High quality coolant suitable for all modern cars, modern and powerful aluminum systems. Antifreeze contains inhibitors that provide complete protection against corrosion in parts of cooling systems such as radiator, cylinder block and water pump. The carboxyl-containing additives added to the coolant cover the areas affected by corrosion, forming a mono-molecular layer (0.1 micron) that prevents heat exchange and thus extends the service life.

Complies with specification

 VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda VW TL774J

Quality indicators

Appearance transparent liquid, red-purple
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 1,057-1,114
Temperature at the beginning of crystallization for the concentrate °С -20 ± 1
Temperature of the concentrate ready for use °С -35 ± 1

Accessible packages

1000 un 650 litres IBC type containers
210 litres plastic barrels
20 un 10 litres in cans
As well as for filling in a tank-car or the client’s package corresponding to the quality requirements.

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