BlueMaster® –AdBlue® Storage and dispensig tank, 2500 liters

AdBlue system

Why BlueMaster®

The BlueMaster® tank is characterized not only by its wide range of capacities, but also by the product’s diverse range of equipment.
High quality, security, functionality and availability worldwide. BlueMaster tanks have been designed and manufactured in accordance with European and global regulations and standards. BlueMaster® guarantees the purity and quality of stored AdBlue®.

Technical parameters

Capacity 2500 liters
Length 2460 mm
Width 1460 mm
Height 1860 mm
Weight (net) 150 kg

Possible equipment kits

BlueMaster Standard

Double wall polyethylene container
Submersible pump, 40 l / min
2 ″ dry connection of stainless steel at working height
Digital Flow meter K24 PIUSI
Heating of the distribution space
Automatic nozzle
4-6m flexible distribution hose
Clock-gauge for level monitoring
Distribution space lighting LED
With or without insulation for the inner tank

BlueMaster PRO with Xtrack distribution system

Double wall polyethylene tank
Xtrack distribution system, user identification with RFID cards
Keller pressure zonde for fuel level and temperature monitoring
Submersible pump, 40 l / min
2 ″ dry connection of stainless steel at working level
Heating of the distribution space
Nozzle holder with on /off switch
Automatic nozzle
Distribution space
 with LED lighting
With / without insulation for inner tank + additional heating element

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