DT – Mobile COMBI 850 / 100L ADR approved

Innovative and compact solution from German manufacturer CEMO.

Combined tank for diesel + AdBlue® fluid in one tank.

Technical parameters

Length 1270 mm
Width 1070 mm
Height 1120 mm
Weight 121 kg


Single wall tank with capacity 850 / 100L
Built-in air pressure self-regulating valves
Built-in special lifting pockets with forklift
Lifting clamps with ropes


Diesel fuel tank, capacity 850 liters
Self-priming pump 12V or 24V, 25 or 40 L / min
Cables and terminals 4m


AdBlue® tank, capacity 100 liters
Submersible pump CENTRI SP30, 12V, 30 L / min, very quiet
Automatic pistol, 4m distribution hose
Cables and terminals 4m


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-52°C /-36°C


70 l/min., ± 1.0 %
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