EKO Propylene glycol

-20°C /-40 °C



The heat carrier contains propylene glycol, specially prepared demineralized water, anti-corrosion and stabilizing additives, foam extinguishers.


Ecologically clean heat carrier for heating and ventilation systems, contains no ethylene glycol harmful to the human body. Made of propylene glycol-based, especially suitable for heating systems in apartments and houses and industrial buildings.

The heat carrier contains a balanced set of corrosion inhibitors and a series of multifunctional high quality additives that protect steel, cast iron, copper, brass and duralum. Does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates. Protects the heating system from corrosion. Do not damage gaskets. Dissolve the limestone deposits on the walls of the pipelines.

Accessible packages

1000 un 650 litres IBC type containers
210 litres plastic barrels
20 un 10 litres in cans
As well as for filling in a tank-car or the client’s package corresponding to the quality requirements


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