Kingspan tanks for heating fuel, volumes from 200 to 9000 liters

The tanks are very easy to use and can be placed wherever fuel heating is required.
With a choice of design and the wide range of available capacities, tanks are the perfect solution for home, industrial, and manufacturing companies. It is especially popular and advantageous to use tanks for grain dryers using labeled fuel.

Available volumes for single-wall and double-wall tanks 200-9000 liters *
The material of the tanks is favorable for the Latvian climate, the tanks do not form condensate and sediment.


  • Compact shapes make it easy to place or save space
  • Possibility to place the fuel-fuel system at home without additional space
  • Easy assembly
  • Oil spill protection in your basements
  • No need to place the tank indoors – home fire protection
  • Easy to refill
  • Larger tanks help to avoid the expense of expensive and cumbersome systems consisting of several small tanks
  • The attractive shape and dark green color of the outside of the tank neatly adapts to your garden
  • The tanks can be equipped with self-regulating energy-saving heating elements with a thermostat, if necessary, to ensure proper temperature and fuel consumption control
  • All tanks are resistant to adverse weather conditions: frost or prolonged exposure to heat and UV radiation

*Details of volumes and shapes when contacting a representative.

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