70-90 l/min., ± 0.5 %, <120used ID, PC+print

Diesel fuel dispensers with multi-user meter. A survey of market requirements has led to the definition of a new range of dispensers equipped with a new-concept compact and versatile electronic head. The new design and new lowered version for fitting directly on the tank complete the offer.

The dispensers are equipped with

  • a sturdy and compact structure, with easy access to the internal parts for maintenance with hinged front door complete with lock;
  • a high-capacity pump ensuring fast filling;
  • a high-precision meter;
  • a water-absorption filter, which can be fitted both inside and outside to ensure the quality of the dispensed product.

The electronic unit is able to control up to 80 users, including by magnetic key. PC linkup permits exporting performed dispensing operation data, to organise and control these according to need with the possibility of further transferring the data into a separate file.


Pre-selection dispensing. +/- 0.5 % precision within the flow-rate range
Able to control 80 users
Local memory up to the last 255 performed dispensing operations
Possibility of entering vehicle registration number and kilometres (odometer)
Dispensing date and time control
Possibility of linking to PC and exporting data at a distance of up to 1000 m
Minimum tank level pump stop
Magnetic key for user recognition

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