70-90 l/min., ± 1.0 %, <70 dB

The Self-Service dispenser satisfies those customers who, with regard to the private dispensing of diesel fuel, are looking for a product able to supply fuel in an increasingly faster way, with the possibly of checking the fuel being dispensed. Thanks to the filter, the quality of the fluid can also be checked, eliminating any water which would otherwise be likely to damage new-generation diesel engines. The bodywork has a new attractive design and is at the same time sturdy and functional. It permits easy component part maintenance and houses the nozzle-holder with start and stop switch. The SERVICE K44 models feature an easy to use, high precision mechanical meter that can be easily calibrated by the user. The SERVICE K44 PULSER models feature, in the meter, an electronic pulse emitter (10 pulses/litre, single channel), ideal for connecting up to external control systems.


Flow rates from 70 to 90 l/min
Meter accuracy: 1%
Continuous operation
Noise less than 70 dB


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