One wall tanks, volumne 10’000 – 27’000 liters

10,000 - 27,000 liters for storage of fertilizers

Innovative solution for liquid fertilizer storage. The tanks are made of medium density polyethylene, wall thickness 16-24mm. For liquids up to 1400 kg / m3.

The main benefits:

Mobility – just as easy to place indoors and under the open sky, it just depends on what you want.

Technical Support – Our sales specialists will provide you with all the necessary information regarding tank placement and installation in a prompt and professional manner.

Technical parameters

Volume Diameter Height
10000 liters 2350 mm 3310 mm
15000 liters 2350 mm 4300 mm
22000 liters 2350 mm 5500 mm
27000 liters 2350 mm 6700 mm

Standard equipment

Inspection hole
2 ″ or 3 ″ ball valve, stainless steel
Fastening cables 4 pcs. (For 20’000 and 27’000 liter tanks)

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