CrossChem develops direction of new technologies and products for all transport segment in aim of efficient handling of valuable resources and protection of the environment. Together with our partners we can offer new products to our customers with big motivation factor – all products additionally gives economical effect by saving money from daily vehicle usage.


Reduces vibration and noise by 30%

Reduces fuel consumption by an average of 10%

Reduces electricity consumption by 8% – 15%

Increases the motor resources of machines and mechanisms

Restores the operating parameters of worn equipment

   Doubles the life of the engine oil

Reduces exhaust emissions

Decreases working temperature

Increases corrosion protection

Increases the service life of gear oil up to 4 times

Stabilizes and an increases the compression and oil pressure

Reduces operating costs

The ETEX® product ensures its greatest effect for all transport and industrial equipment. The cost of the product is recouped from the immediate effect after 1000 kilometers for transport or 100 operating hours for machinery and equipment.

What is ETEX®?

Product ETEX® is a tribological composition for transport industry and industrial production.

The product is developed based on minerals of geological origin, which is a thin multi-component mixture of silicates. It has a layered structure, contains about thirty components and forms a new composite material.

The main objective of the product is to optimize the clearances within the joints, and reduce the friction of metals, thus eliminating the wear and tear of machine parts and reducing energy consumption.

The product goal is to solve the problems associated with transport, mechanisms energy efficiency, minimize enterprise high costs and other expenditures.

Why to choose ETEX®?

ETEX® is a patented technology, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable product.

One of the main advantages is that whilst in operation under normal loads, ETEX® can be added to mechanisms, thus eliminating the need to completely disassemble and halt mechanical operation. This, in turn, saves time and money. Once ETEX® is added new wear and tear occurs only on the newly formed layer, not on the part itself.

Where to apply ETEX®?

ETEX® can be used by all modes of transport and industrial equipment, including all types of internal combustion engines and all types of transmissions:

  • cars;
  • trucks;
  • hybrid cars;
  • water transport;
  • industrial machinery;
  • construction equipment;
  • energy;
  • compressors of any type;
  • gearboxes and open gears;
  • for lubrication of rolling and plain bearings;
  • hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and other components of hydraulic systems.

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