CrossChem production facilities and infrastructure gives additional advantage to focus on Liquid fertilizers and evolve business relationship with agriculture segment companies. Together with partners we develop a new approach to fertilizer products by combining humic substances and phytohormones with traditional fertilizers as a new step to increase the efficiency of fertilizer use.

What are humic substances advantages?
  • prolonged accumulation of nutrients and trace elements necessary for growth
  • improve nutrient circulation in the living organism (both plant and animal)
  • regulate plant nutrient and water uptake
  • protect from adverse environmental factors and strengthen plant and animal immunity
  • improve the productivity of photosynthesis and increase the chlorophyll content in plants, resulting in increased productivity and plant resistance
  • efficiently absorb toxic heavy metals and ensure their excretion from the body, thus acting as bioregulators
What are phytohormones advantages?
  • Promotes cell division
  • Suppresse leaf aging
  • Activates photosynthesis
  • Increases yield
  • Activates lateral bug growth
What are liquid fertilizers advantages?
  • Compared to solid fertilizers, liquid have an instant effect, especially to supporting strong root growth
  • Better dosage control
  • Liquid fertilizers insure water the field

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